Sunday, February 1, 2015

Queen of Lace - Wedding Dress

I really loved this dress from the TS3 store, so I edited and converted it for TS4!
This dress took a reaaaalllyyyy long time to convert/edit. I'm pleased with the results, however it's not a perfect replica. I got rid of the weird gemstone brooch that was on the booty and the neckline is different than the original because of the mesh.

Anyways! I think it's beautiful, and it makes for a stunning wedding. It's enabled for T-E females, found in Everyday, Formal, and Party. I made 20 recolors. As with all long meshy things, walking looks rather funny sometimes.  

If you'd like to recolor, you may include the mesh, just please credit me! 

If you'd like, here is the .PSD for easy recoloring. It is already masked off properly (that lace on the bodice... oh lordy I had to hand paint that one!). 



  1. wow! amazing! thanks for the psd. file too :)

  2. You are amazing! I have really missed this design in TS4, so thank you for bringing it to us! Awesome!

  3. I have very sad news. Ever since I got the new Get to Work expansion, NONE of your files work in my game any more. If they are present in the mod folder, they keep my game from launching at all.
    These are the files affected;
    Queen of lace wedding dress
    Rosie peasant blouse
    Off shoudler sweater
    Anita smock blouse
    Betty sleeveless button down
    Maya tie front tee

    Joslin hair
    Newsea SParklers
    Peggy SPecial April 12
    Skysims 67
    Crazy Promise
    Newsea HideoutDoor
    Newsea Nightbloom

    All other hundreds of files I have work fine with the expansion.

  4. I take it back, I'm an idiot. It seems I wasn't paying attention when just wildly grabbing files of yours that looked amazing and snatched some TS3 files for TS4.

    1. Hehe yeah it seems the only TS4 item on that list was the wedding dress!

  5. one of my favorite dresses from ts3 too! you converted it amazingly as always. :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The queen of lace wedding dress wont show up in my game at all..and i have no idea why. it doesn't even show the option to wear it!

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