Thursday, October 27, 2016

Charade Puff Hair

This is a simple double bun puff hair for T-E sims. 

It comes in all original 18 EA colors, using EA textures. It is for teen-elder M/F. It's a "clay" hair, so no alpha or transparency used. It has all hat morphs. It has proper LODs. I do have it enabled for random because it is maxis match. It's tagged for female form but works for male form as well, and will appear if the "masculine" tag is removed.

If you wish to do recolors, you don't need to ask permission I just ask that the mesh NOT be included in your download and NO ADFLY. If you wish to do mesh edits/frankenmeshing ASK FIRST.

Please tag me if you use it on tumblr, I would love to see it!!!

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