Friday, January 27, 2017

Crescendo and Fortissimo Gowns

Hello! I had been working on this dress before the Vampire pack came out, but it just fit so well with the theme I  added a second variation, and it's finally done!

This gown is for T-E sims, and can be found in the formal category. The variation with lace on the top is called Crescendo, and the deep plunge version is called Fortissimo! Both gowns are base game compatible!



If you want to recolor this dress, I ask that you not include the mesh or any of the original swatches. Please direct people back here for the mesh. Here is the RECOLOR KIT with the .PSD of the neutral grey texture template. To do basic recolors, I have the sections masked off, and you simply color in the layer whatever color and then mess around with the layer properties from there (dark colors work well as "hard light" and light colors work well as "overlay"). If you do make recolors, please message me or something because I want to share them! 

Thank you so much to my PTS crew for helping me with this dress, mostly teanmoon for listening to me yell about (helping me figure out) exploding bones, and femme for testing the gowns in game!


  1. Hi, thanks for this! They are so good and look great on vampire sims! Also I think I just got a new favourite wedding gown.
    I was wondering where could I get those gloves shown in the pictures? Thanks a lot!

    1. I had no idea!! I'll have to look for them. Thanks a lot for answering!

  2. For some reason none of your cc works for me in game do you know why?

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