Saturday, September 14, 2019

Magical Windenberg - A Magical World Edit

So basically I was a little disappointed with how small the Magical Realm felt in RoM, so I modified Windenberg to feel magical, and placed magical themed lots!

This save file requires Get Together, and Realm of Magic. However a lot of the lots use content from all SP/GP/EP's so if you don't have some or all of them you may get a lot of "Objects have been replaced" messages. The save was made completely CC free so no CC is required!

Some parts of this will effect your game across all saves. To be safe, please back up your save folder.

I have modified the World Light Shaders and the Skybox for Windenberg to match the Magical Realm. This change will effect other saves since there is only one file to reference for them. That said, if you plan on playing magical for a while, you can leave them in there and replace them with the originals when you're done playing magical!

To install the shaders and lightbox, download the Magical Windenberg Light Mod below and place it in the \Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Delta\EP02\Worlds\Areas folder. These will ask to overwrite, allow it. If you would like to revert back to the original lighting and skybox, please download the Windenberg Original Lighting below and copy it to the same file path and let it overwrite. Alternately you can just repair your game to revert back to normal.

To install the save file with all the curated lots and townies placed already, download the Magical Windenberg Save File below and copy it into your Users\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves folder. If the copy prompt asks you to overwrite, do not allow it to overwrite as you will lose a save. To remedy this, rename the Magical Windenberg save to a number not currently in use in your save folder.

Some notes about the save file: I only edited the lots and townies from Windenberg and Glimmerbrook.The Magical Realm HQ was also modified, the Sages are left original. There are also three clubs which I made as "covens". There's one for newbie spellcasters, one for parent spellcasters, and one for teen spellcasters as a way to kind of coax townies into doing magic in the town. The portals work to go to the Realm but once in the Realm, the Portal to return will bring you to Glimmerbrook. There are other Portals in Windenberg that are just for show. If you have the lighting mod installed, the clouds sometimes clip weirdly in the distance. If I find a solution to that, I will update the files. 

The lot with all the magic shops on it will need to have vendor NPCs hired each time you visit as currently it isn't it's own lot type.

(no lighting just lots and townies)

(no lots or townies, just lighting modification)

(to revert back to original lighting)

Thank you to the Gallery users: Doctorsimcraft, AwsomeSimmis, kaibelvert, PeachesPlace, margotmtb, merlinka206, n0coast, nikkamore, Cillaben, sparkgalsims, Izeian, sushimarilyn, gryphi, mollchen7, anceth, brunaportosjp, Jelly-Pretzel, sagifun74, arieloceanlover, lilsimsie, Techn0babbler, wooahdude, simsa87, 21cycy, SarahLaCroix, PansekshuElle, smugcloud, nolcanol, thewildflowersim


  1. When I first started the game after replacing the lighting-files, it worked fine. However, next time I entered the game the lighting had gone back to how it was before. I then tried to replace the files with the ones from this page once more, but the light never changed. What might have happened? :)

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  3. Your edits for Windenberg and Glimmerbrook sound wonderful! I especially like the concept of distinct covens for spellcasters. Just a short question: how does duty of care relate to duty of candour in light of your changes? Understanding this could help us ensure that we are responsibly incorporating new aspects into our magical towns.