Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Laney Dress and Luxury Heels

I made this sultry dress, and well the Luxury Party shoes go nicely with it, but the originals had a weird problem at the ankle, so I modified it and added some more colors!
The dress is for T-E Females, it is enabled for Everyday, Formal, and Party. Disabled for random. 18 swatches from Renora's RoM Palette.

Okay so now these shoes. I have fixed the ankle issue, I also made the toe area less rounded. There are two options for you, if you have Luxury Party and just want to fix the ankle (it is just the fix and the original EA swatches), I have the Override separated from my new colors and available to download below. 

Feel free to recolor, modify, use as a base, open TOU on this! 


1 comment:

  1. I've downloaded the shoes as a standalone but in my game they react like I don't have the mesh and make my sim look weird, even though I have the luxury party pack.