Friday, December 29, 2023

EA Eyelash Remover for Toddlers


Oh hey it's been a while. 


Ok hi, so I took a few years off, some stuff happened and here we are, I was trying to enjoy playing TS4 in the year of our lord 2023 but I could not ignore the hideous lashes. So I went on a hunt for up to date eyelash removers and spent literal DAYS searching and decided to do it myself. 

This mod is to remove the EA eyelashes from TODDLERS ONLY. Infants and Children are off the table due to some unavoidable issues. This mod is meant to be used in conjunction with Kijiko lashes or other 3D lashes for toddlers. 

This mod is a DEFAULT REPLACEMENT of the EA HEAD FOR TODDLERS and will conflict with any other default replacements effecting the toddler head mesh. This mod is ONLY a mesh replacement so it is fully compatible with CC and default replacement skins/hairs/eyes etc. 

Now, the state of my return has me scrambling to find the best current resources for modding so I do intend to update this mod at least once as there is currently one known issue and one quirk of this mod. 

KNOWN ISSUES: There is a persistent neck seam. Having hair helps obviously, but with shorter hairs, the seam is still visible on the sides and front. 

KNOWN QUIRK: Opening the .package file with S4S or CMar Tools will DEFINITELY break it. Keep it out of merged packages, and do not let any tools run "Batch Fixes" on it. If you start noticing weirdness with toddler heads, the most tell-tale sign is their ears won't scale, delete the .package that is in your mods folder and grab a fresh copy from me or your own archives! 

I intend to update as soon as I can figure out the neck seam but I figured it was more important to share this as it is! Enjoy! And please report any issues you find.  

Known Issues: 
  • Persistent neck seam 
  • .package breaks when opened with S4S or Cmar Tools, including merging tools and batch fixers
  • May or may not conflict with custom face presets, if your toddler is crunchy, you have a conflicting/old facial preset active on the sim. 

v1 - Dec 29 2023 - Added No EA Lashes for Toddlers

If you're still here reading way at the end of this, doing this mod has given me the tools I needed to finally fix my MM lashes, so stay tuned. ;)


  1. Thank you so much for this mod, I needed it so badly, not even 3D lashes could disguise the horrible toddler eyelashes.

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