Thursday, December 19, 2019

Maxis Match Eyelashes - Laptop Mode Friendly!

I am SO excited to be sharing these finally! 

Please keep that in mind when using them and check back often to see if there are any updates! I will note new updates in the changelog at the bottom of this page! Please link back to this page!

These lashes are currently for T-E females, enabled for all categories, and disabled for random. They all have 8 natural color swatches on them. 

Lashes can be found in the following categories and are denoted in the file name by the abbreviation next to the name: forehead detail (fd), mole right (mr), mouth corner (mc), earrings (ae), glasses (ag)

There are two options for each style BOTH has both top and bottom lash lines, TOP has only the top lash line.

I will be adding more, ages, and genders as soon as I can, and more styles as I work out the issues these still have. 

These lashes do not share texture space with any accessories or clothing and should not conflict with anything your sim wears. These lashes are laptop-mode friendly and are low poly count, so those of you on lower end computers should have no issues. 

There are currently two styles, Jade and Norma. 

Jade is four long lashes and will get distorted with certain eye shapes, I will try to solve this issue, but for now, they work with most eye shapes. 

Norma is basically a close resemblance to the EA lashes just with the added lower lash line. 

Please use the comments below to report glaring issues. Please only report major issues! 

****A note for downloads, Separated files have the categories separated so you can pick and choose, merged have those merged together so you have all category options in one file.****

Separated files: 

Merged Categories files:

Known Issues: 
  • Mesh distortion on some eye shapes
  • I am aware the WIP preview photo looked different, I had to rebuild them a few times. I will try to get the Jade style to match the WIP preview that was posted on the 15th
  • I will add the bottom lashes back in on Jade, just have a few more things to work out
  • Usage with glasses has some issues, will look into it
  • Genders and age groups will be added

v1 - Dec 19 2019 - Added Norma and Jade styles
v1.1 - Dec 20 2019 - Added Top only options, categories, and 8 natural color swatches to all, merged files
v1.2 - Dec 21 2019 - Fixed an issue with textures showing up as red checkerboard


  1. i love these lashes Maxis Match 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. These are beautiful! Thank you! Hopefully you can sort out the problem with the glasses. I'm waiting for these to be finished before adding them to everyone in my save.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you so much!

  4. Have someone figured out a way to make
    Custom eyelashes default if so these are perfect

  5. Thank you so much! I've been wanting laptop mode friendly eyelashes since forever

  6. Are you gonna make them for male, kid and toddler sims too? That would be awesome!

  7. i'm so sorry if this is a dumb question, but i can't figure out where the lashes are in the accessories/skin details list in cas

    1. Can someone please help me? As someone already mentioned, I can't find the eyelashes anywhere! :(

    2. did you install them correctly?
      they're in the skindetails

    3. Same problem here tried both files and nothing. Even took out ALL my CC and just put the files directly into my mods folder and still nothing.

    4. Okay so I tried again lol! found out when I downloaded the jaded separate files it worked, but it was after I discovered when I downloaded the file it didn't appear I needed to extract the file like it normally would if I do. So I just clicked on it and extracted it so I could see all the categories and names of where it would show fd (face details) mr (mole right) etc. So Even if it looks like the file does not need to be extracted IT DOES. Just click the file and click extract and extract the files to wherever you want then pick and choose which options you want ie fd mr etc. I just kept them all so the lashes would show up for me in glasses and face details and just every option lol

    5. Please also make sure you extract the .package files from the .rar

  8. Finally! We will at last have options for CC lashes! Kijiko is nice, but its nice to have maxis match.

  9. everyone is saying that i need to extract them?? when i download any one of these there is no zip file?? how do i extract?

    1. Make sure you have a program like WinRar on your computer. Right click "Extract here" on the file. Sometimes the icons change up and don't look like zipped folders. You're just looking for a "Rar" file type. Those extracted files are what goes into your mods folder.

  10. is there any alternate links for download? my wifi service blocks sfs

  11. I love them sooooooo much !! Thanks a lot for making it! ♥

  12. I have an issue regarding extracting the files, it won't allow me to. Each attempt ends up unsuccessful and says it was unable to open as archive.