Monday, October 13, 2014

3t4 Seasons Puffball Hat

I loved this hat in TS3 and I figured trying out making a hat for TS4 would be a good place to start!
This hat is for T-E males and females. It should work with most hairs as long as they have the hat morph (Yes there is a hat morph now). It might look a little bulky on males, but that was strictly because if I made it tighter to the head it would clip with everything. So.

I made 12 variations, I kind of ran out of ideas and I'm lame and boring and will probably only ever use one color anyways. 

If you'd like to recolor, you may include the mesh, just please credit me! 


  1. Would you consider creating this for children? Or is it already out there for kids? I love the way it looks and it fits so well, would love it for my families. Thank you!

  2. The link is broken ;-;

    1. use the mediafire one.. That's what I did and it worked :)

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  4. It won't work, I've downloaded both options and it won't show up in my game