Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vampire Fangs for all (toddler-elder)

Here are some vampire fangs for all ages!
The fangs are for all ages and genders (toddler ones are slightly different to match the toddler teeth).
For child-elder there are two versions to choose from, single and double. Double is both fangs on the top and bottom. Single only has the top fangs. The fangs can be found in the teeth category.
The UV has been updated to line up with the teeth texture from skins and overlays, so these will not conflict with any accessories. These are base game compatible and do not require the Vampire GP.

The teeth are shown in the preview with this default replacement teeth texture, and they will be effected by teeth texture replacements. 


  1. Is it possible to update these to the toddler patch, different teeth could be chosen with this patch (I know the Vampires Game Pack is coming out, but I want some Vampire Teeth for my Aliens)?

  2. gha!!! i love you you're amazing!!!!