Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lacey Shorts

I wanted to add a little flare to the high waist shorts I made a long time ago! I added a little lace detail to the edges of the shorts. There's 6 color choices. Enjoy!

These are for T-E females.

If you'd like to recolor, you may include the mesh, just please credit me! The recolor kit can be found here.


  1. why is it a .rar file? it's not showing up in my game.

    1. To have it show up you need to open the .rar file with a program called winrar or something similar, and move the cc file into your mods folder. If you keep it in the .rar file it won't work. I'm sure if you put it in google there'll be a more in depth tutorial with links and visuals! :)