Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Custom Made Voidcritter Posters - 20 Posters in 2 Variations

So I really love the new Voidcritters, and I thought I'd utilize my professional design skills to make some kick ass posters of each character for my sims to decorate with! 

Underneath each Voidcritter is a cute banner with their name in Simlish on it!

There are two variations, one from the dinosaur poster (crooked) and one that's a little larger from the book poster. All 20 designs are offered on both variations. 
They show up in Paintings and are base game compatible. 

These designs were MADE BY ME. PLEASE ASK BEFORE USING ELSEWHERE. I do not own Voidcritters characters. Simlish fonts are from here. Voidcritter pngs from here


  1. Really cute posters \o/ I really like the monsters and sadly I cant afford the new pack yet, so its nice to have at least some posters of the creatures :D

  2. These are so adorable! thank you for creating them because sometimes I don't want to put the huge decals on the wall that EA provided, just a simple poster is much nicer ^_^