Saturday, July 2, 2016

Voidcritter Plushie - Nymphaea

I REALLY LOVE VOIDCRITTERS. So I started working on making custom plushies!! I fully intend on doing the whole set, just please be patient!

So, here is the Nymphaea Voidcritter plushie. The mesh is custom made from scratch by me. Can be found in Kids decor section (next to the ladybug). Base game compatible. Searchable by "Pickypikachu" "Voidcritter" "Nymphaea". One swatch with the original critter's colors. Right around 1k poly, has all LODs and shadows. Scales properly with [ ] functions. 

  • Beady eyes, with complementary soul stealing capabilities
  • Sad frown for keeping your sims realistic about their lives
  • Cute, food like appearance (not edible, do not attempt to eat)
  • Soft leafy greens (0% daily dietary fiber)
  • Pink frosting cap (may contain dairy)

This mesh and texture was 100% made by me from scratch, please DO NOT include in recolors. If you want to do mesh edits or modifications PLEASE CONTACT me. Please do not include in bulk downloads, tray file houses, or mod folding sharing. Please see my TOU for more info. 
If you would like the original .PSD texture, please message me and I will send you it. 


  1. really love this! i wanted voidcritter plushies in the pack but since we didnt get them im glad you're doing it! any hint to which one you're working on atm??

  2. I would say the same thing as Audtin did. I love the Void creatures und was sad about the fact, that we don't got some figures or plush Toys. So yeah. You are my hero! :D I can't wait to have the whole set in my game and the room of my little Quentin. He is a big void fan to haha.