Monday, July 4, 2016

Voidcritter Plushie - Meduso

Meduso was the next obvious choice, right?

This is the Meduso Voidcritter plushie. The mesh is custom made from scratch by me. Can be found in Kids decor section (next to the ladybug). Base game compatible. Searchable by "Pickypikachu" "Voidcritter" "Meduso". One swatch with the original critter's colors. Poly is a liittle high because of the tentacles at 4k, has all LODs and shadows. Scales properly with [ ] functions. 

  • Swirly pink cheeks
  • Agonizingly cheerful smile
  • Winged ears that definitely can't hold all that tentacle weight
  • Shiny eyes that will always give your sim hope for the future (though ulterior motives are suspected, do not trust the squish green tentacle monster!)

This mesh and texture was 100% made by me from scratch, please DO NOT include in recolors. If you want to do mesh edits or modifications PLEASE CONTACT me. Please do not include in bulk downloads, tray file houses, or mod folding sharing. Please see my TOU for more info. 
If you would like the original .PSD texture, please message me and I will send you it. 


  1. YESSSSS!! Love these. I eagerly await finding them (I'm so behind finding Meduso). <3