Sunday, January 1, 2017

Poppy Hair - Secret Santa Hair

So we did Secret Santa for Plumbob Tea Society and I got quiddity-jones! I made a cute little hair for her main gal Poppy!
It comes in all original 18 EA colors, using EA textures. It is for teen-elder M/F. It's a "clay" hair, so no alpha or transparency used. It has all hat morphs. It has LOD0 for all LODs because trust me when I say I fought tooth and nail with this mesh the whole way. I do have it enabled for random because it is maxis match. It's tagged for female form but works for male form as well, and will appear if the "masculine" tag is removed.

Open TOU on this one because it's like 75% EA stuff. Thank you to my lovely teanmoon for helping me try and tame this beast of a hair!! 


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  2. I'm having trouble with actually getting this hair to show up in my game.

  3. I don't know how to use rar. files

    1. To put the package into ur game u have to click on the rar file to open it up. Then get the package file out of there and just drag it into ur mods folder.

  4. I love your cc, but will you say me where is the hair in the photo below pickypikachu

  5. super cute, but it looks like it's not working anymore :(