Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sleepy Time Toddler Tee

I used to wear my mom's t shirts as a kid, so I decided to mesh this toddler tee from scratch to practice meshing clothes!
This tee is for toddlers, it comes in all the colors in Java's Emotions Palette, as well as swatches with colored sleeves and TS4 icons on the front like the preview! It is base game compatible.

This mesh is brand new, so it has a few crunchy bits in the underarm area during certain animations. I tried my best to fix what I could, but the lack of physics on clothing in game made it difficult to sort out the arm pit area of the shirt. Anyways! It's still usable, although not perfect, it's still adorable! 

LOD0/1: 3k Poly
LOD2/3: 500 Poly

If you'd like to recolor this shirt, you can find the RECOLOR KIT HERE, which has the .psd ready to go and masked off for ease of use. 
This is a brand new mesh, so please do not include the mesh in your recolors! Thanks!


  1. Adorable, I love it! Thank you!

  2. Hi, just wondering.. when I download your file it wont let me use WinRar on it. So I can never get it to show up in game. Please help! <3

  3. Replies
    1. .rar is just a different form of .zip that is more secure and space saving. You will need a program to unzip it, like WinRar

  4. anybody know why it looks broken when in game

    1. Hi, I need more information on what you mean in order to help?